Sunday, September 2, 2007

The fourth page.

Winter 46th, 568

I realize it's been a few months since I've written here, but I also realize that nobody really cares either way. Nonetheless, I'll probably make more of an effort in the future to keep this updated with some regularity.

Hunting's been even more of a focus than routine lately. As per usual, Kizmia runs with Kerrah and company are a staple. Even though it sometimes gets a little bit repetitive there, the coins and practice are good. A little monotony never hurt a fen, and at least I'm with decent company.

KI isn't the only place I've been, of course. A few days ago I was privileged to attend a raid on the new orga outback, lead and hosted by Jeepers. I'd been hoping for the chance to go there for a while, and was really pleased to be invited. A few highlights of the trip include: accidentally dropping a chained loathing, moping because Creed got a pony and I didn't, feeling kind of useful a couple of times, and being hit with enough lightning to probably cause serious harm to my mental facilities. I really hope to go back soon.

Champion preparations are going alright. I've been turning potentially valuable iron ore into worthless rocks at an amazing rate, thanks to the extremely generous contributions of too many people to name. I'm staying optimistic in the face of an avalanche of stones, though I feel a little snubbed when I think about how comparatively easy it is to become a ranger. Oh well. The grass is always greener, patience is a virtue, etc.

On a final few notes, Dar'shak activity hasn't extended beyond the norm in a while. There've been no invasions mounted by Necro, no words from the rebels, and no other things of any real note beyond Indigo's uncanny ability to sniff out Greater Deaths at bad times. Bane is still on the lookout for the fourth and final shard needed for our darkstone. If you happen to have the "wax lips" and would be interested in selling it to a good cause, contact me in the lands.


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