Thursday, September 20, 2007

The fifth page.

Spring 29, 568

Another few months have passed without me putting my pen to paper. I don't really have an excuse for this; life's neither so boring that there's nothing for me to write about, nor so interesting that I don't have time. Oh well. I'm working on a new entry right now, and I suppose that's what matters.

Although I haven't received word from the rebels since I last wrote, a recent occurance seems to indicate that they're doing well. A trusted friend of mine tells me that agents of the theocracy have resorted to trying to interrogate exiles for information about the rebels. If our enemies are that desperate to gain information, it means that our friends are doing a good job of avoiding them. It's a heartening thought, and we can always use more of those. Also, thank you to those people who are collecting food and supplies to aid the rebels. Hopefully we'll have an opportunity to pass them on soon.

Also regarding Dar'shak, my clan still needs a "wax lips" darkstone shard. We're determined to get one soon, be it through purchasing or finding it. If a little luck couples with that determination, we'll meet our goal in the near future. If it doesn't, then we'll have to work harder.

On another note, an interesting event took place recently when a mantuan was found in east field. It's unclear where this mantuan came from - some people suggested that it swam all the way from Metzetli, and others think that it came from some undiscovered place in the mountains to the east. Whatever the case may be, I count myself lucky for having had the opportunity to help overcome such an incredible beast. I really hope to see more of them in the future.

Life goes on, hopefully I'll write more about it soon.


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