Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The sixth page.

Spring 78th, 568

While resting in town the other day, I learned through spirit link that my clan sister Indigo had fallen to a liche. Indigo is very zealous when it comes to our clan's cause, so it's not uncommon for her to have a mishap here and there. Thinking nothing of it, I made my way to the Dark Temple to make sure she was alright. On arriving, I couldn't help but note that while there were several wounded undine on the lower levels, none of them were liches. I proceeded upstairs to continue my search.

When I reached the top floor, I was greeted with a most vile and upsetting sight; Pe Ell was standing over an undine that bore a striking resemblance to Indigo, and the pentacle was alight with the effects of some vile incantation. No other people, living or undead, were within sight.

As many of you know, the only way to help an exile turned undine is to fight them into submission and have them healed. I proceeded to try and do just this, despite Pe Ell's best efforts to keep me from it. The battle was short-lived. I felled Indigo and chained her away from the temple. She reverted to her normal self shortly after, and seems to be recovering well.

According to accounts related to me by Indigo, and the garbled confessions and curses spewed at me by Pe Ell, the latter used his darkstone and the pentacle to turn the former into an undine, much in the same way that the Dar'shak Necro would.

Whether this instance came to pass through trickery or through simple kidnapping, I don't yet know for certain. I do know that it came to pass, and I do know that Pe Ell, the ranger that most people know for being nothing more than a whiny louse, is far more sinister, contemptible and dangerous than previously thought. I advise shunning him altogether, as that's the best way to ensure that he is not given the opportunity to steal your fallen body.


The following is scrawled hastily below the rest of the entry, and in a different ink. It appears that it was added a few days after the entry was initially published.

The events recorded here are the result of a misunderstanding. Pe Ell is not dangerous.



Largo said...

Pe Ell, don't dirty the pages of my journal by writing in it again. I'll erase whatever you put in it anyway.

Pe Ell said...
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Pe Ell said...

A misunderstanding indeed. Thank you for the clarification.