Thursday, October 30, 2008

Voting Has Begun

Autumn 70, 572

This is a vital time for Puddleby. A formidable new tribe of t'rool'kin has been discovered to our southeast, Dar'shak interference has made ethereal disturbances commonplace, and our neglected little town lies in near shambles. The feast of T'ssrin draws near, and our joyous festivities are sure to be accompanied by their companion necromantic troubles. Perhaps most importantly of all, though, the time has come to cast your ballots for the office of Fen President.

It has been a long and difficult race, and a number of unexpected difficulties have marred a campaign trail that should by all rights have been straightforward and clean. We Largocrats have been bombarded by attacks from the Stylunk campaign, incompetence by the Kallisto campaign, and endless sunstones from Inu Teisei. We've stood strong against Stinkfist's threats and attempts at extortion, against the Dar'shak menace, and against the mire of disinformation spread by our foes.

Our time will come, but only if you make it. Cast your ballot for me today. Get your friends, your enemies, your clanmates, your library dwelling "cousins" to vote now, and I will ensure that tomorrow is better for all of us. Especially you.

Yours in good faith and in good taste,

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