Monday, November 10, 2008

Victory and a Portrait

Winter 28th, 573

We've done it! Thanks to the efforts and determination of my staff, the generous donations I received, and especially to your votes, I am now Puddleby's seventh fen president. To mark this occasion, I have prepared a speech that I plan to give at our University on the evening of Winter 53. Afterward, I will take your questions and, together, we can begin shaping plans for our future. This will be followed by the most glorious celebration that Puddleby has ever seen. Rest assured that refreshments, door prizes, and (hopefully) entertainment will abound.

I now pledge something that may come as a surprise to many of you; My time as your president will not be marked by sloth and parody of the gaudy farce that is mainland politics. I hereby assign those things to my running mate Relkin (a master of vice if ever one existed). Take my word now, and watch as I prove it over the next few years - my presidency will be remembered for the hard work that I put into it, and by an overall improvement in Puddlebean life. I will stretch my power to its limits for you, citizens.

I would like to end this entry by thanking Hoggle for the wonderful portrait he has painted of me. Hoggle is a true master of the brush, and though I feel he has portrayed my hair as a few shades too light here (creative license), I am truly honored and delighted to have him depict me. I adore portraits

Yours in great gratitude and excitement,

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