Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prince Plays Pushball

Spring 17th, 573

I would like to begin this entry by thanking the many exiles who attended my inaugural bash and made it the rousing success that it was. My speech went over as well as any dour piece about our impending doom can go over, something that I attribute more to the vast amounts of alcohol available than to my own ability. Unfortunately, no amount of liquor can change the simple facts that our enemies are many and our town is in shambles. As such, my plans to begin fixing these problems will be prepared for public viewing within the next few days.

Although this relatively short period will not be difficult to wait through, I hate to leave the good citizens of Puddleby empty handed. To compensate for the current lack of available information, I have prepared a visionstone of an adorable animal doing an adorable thing (a town cat that my good friend Xel recently discovered running about the indoor pushball field in an odd fashion). I trust that this will keep the lot of you satisfied until I am actually prepared to do my civic duty.

Without further ado, I present for your viewing pleasure Prince Plays Pushball: An Adventure Into the Arena of Alliteration.

Please forgive the fuzziness - I am not particularly experienced in working with visionstones, and had some difficulty here maintaining a sharp image. If you happen to know a way that I might be able to avoid this problem in the future, please let me know.

Yours in temporary hiding behind crowd pleasing pictures of cats,