Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Grand Symbol of the Largocracy

Winter 33rd, 573

Though the Largocracy is now officially the most powerful political party in Puddleby, it is lacking sorely in one regard - flashy emblems. To try and remedy this dire situation, I recently asked a few artist friends of mine to design a Largocratic coat of arms. One that featured, ideally, two crossed swords beneath a an illustration of my roaring head.

My good and talented friend Kisa (who has a marked history of painting wonderful images that glorify the Largocratic way) was kind enough to provide the sketch that you see here.

Though not exactly what I had in mind, this image will officially represent the Largocracy until an emblem is created that does not feature stabbing me in the face as a major point of design.

In other art related news, I have been informed that the portrait that Hoggle painted to commemorate my election is not, as I had previously noted, inaccurate in its coloring. Instead, the white hair in the illustration is a powdered wig. Though I do not own such a wig, I would almost certainly wear it if I did. Perhaps I will look into purchasing one. Many kudos to Hoggle for his excellent speculative work.


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